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    Andy Kessler, Wall Street Journal: Five Ideas to Kick Start Job Creation

    A few Open Letters over the years

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    An Open Letter to Andy Kessler about Creating Jobs

    Monday, August 8, 2011     

    A link to the article, Five Ideas to Kick Start Job Creation
    A link to the website of Andy Kessler

    Dear Andy,

    I like them, the five robust ideas, from your pen, to the WSJ to the world.  Congratulations.

    So what is the plan of action to get people to act on these five concepts.  And, what can we do to help?

    1.  Free up spectrum and re-license it for the most creative applications.  Do we start a petition campaign to Mr. Obama and the FCC?  Do we get some of the heavy hitters to put up the capital along with the business plan and sell it to the public?

    2.  Disease diagnostics is an excellent groupWe did an episode of our television series about Biosite.  Their diagnostic equipment revolutionized the EMT vehicles and the emergency rooms.  You are on the money.  Who leads on this one?  What are the steps?

    3.  Frack this very carefully.  Indeed we need to protect our water supply, keep the environmentalists and conservationists from choking while encouraging the risk-takers to be responsible for their actions.  The BP example is ever before us all.  Is this underway through some house committee?

    4.  Open the .GOV platform by requiring every agency and all 15,000+ sites to publish their APIs by the end of the year.  That is brilliant and easily done.  Net-net and best of all, it will cut the size of  government. Once done on the federal level, every state would follow, then every city and town.  How quickly can we get that through a committee and out on the floor for an up or down vote.  Let's get the biggest bipartisan group to champion it.  Are you in touch with anybody?

    5. The rental society concept needs more flesh for a person as simple as I am to understand it.  If a person is behind on their payments and if their property is under water,  is that property sustainable in any way, shape or form?  Is it a legacy from the Dodd-Frank Act hysteria? I understand the foreclosure moratorium.  Yet, how is it that an owner becomes a renter at whose determination and why?

    Personally, I believe every bill, act or amendment with these two questionable characters needs to be re-examined.  Their acronym  is the sum of their game -- Give them Ds and Fs and push them back into their corners of New England.

    Now, can we read more? I'd bet you have a dozen more ideas.

    Thanks for introducing these five.



    PS  The Obama Drama in Four Acts: Inauguration. No Bells. No Change. No Hope.

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