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    Arnold, David with The King Company


    Baase, Donna of Cowgirl Enterprises

    Barnes, Kathleen  with Meetings America

    Barreto, Hector, Adminsitrator, the SBA

    Beiler, Anne,  founder of Auntie Anne's Pretzels

    Byester, Robert, Employee-Stock Ownership Program

    Brice, Wanda with Computer Directions


    Callaway, Sue with SCRUBS

    Carlson,Vicky with Office Pavilion,  (homepage for security episode)
    Carlson, Vicky with Office Pavilion (homepage about women who shatter glass)

    Cannon, Judy with Meetings America

    Cantor, Gary & Tracy Myers, Advertising Arts College  (homepage)

    Caryl, Craig,  founder, T-Bone Films

    Citters, Darrell of Renegade Animation

    Council, Mildred, founder of Mama Dip's   (homepage)


    Done, Ken,  founder of  Ken Done Galleries

    Dzekciorius, Don with E-poxy


    Edelston, Marty with Boardroom, Inc.


    Ferrer, Leonor of Ferrer Brokers, Inc.

    Fox, Carolyne of Mir, Fox, Rodriguez, CPAs


    Granoff, George of The Art Store

    Goshow, Eric & Nancy of Goshow  Architects

    Guadarrama, Belinda, founder of GC Micro (homepage)


    Hagstrom, Bill with Urocor

    Halliday, Ebby, founder of Ebby Halliday Real Estate

    Harrington-McGill,  Sissy  founder of Solid Gold, Food for Pets

    Hill, George, co-founder Diversified Chemicals

    Hoffman, Steve with Modern Postcard



    Jacobsen, Judi, Madison Park Greetings

    Jacobsen,Brian of Madison Park Greeting Cards  (homepage)

    Jao, Frank of Bridgecreek Development

    Jetter, Darlene of Jet-a-way on Women Shatter Glass (homepage)

    Joseff, Arnold, co-founder Diversified Chemicals

    Jurmain, Mary, founder of Baby Think It Over (homepage)


    Karfaridis, Steve of Wahoo's Fish Tacos

    Katz, Marc with Katz Deli

    Keller, Bill & Joan of Le Travel Store

    Keller, Chef Thomas of The French Laundry


    Lam, Tranh Quoc, founder of Ba-Le Bakery

    Lee, Mingo, Ed & Wing of Wahoo's Fish Tacos

    Luchak, Lori of Miles Fiberglass & Composites


    Malleris, Bill, founder of Maple Court Development

    McEntee, Cindy of Mo's Chowder

    McGill,  Sissy Harrington, founder of Solid Gold, Food for Pets

    McGilvray, Anne & Michael of AMCI   

    McNair-Wingate, Pam with Gababout Spa & Salons

    Miles, Lowell, founder, Miles Fiberglass & Composites

    Mir, Gaspar of Mir Fox Rodriguez, CPAs

    Morgan, Monica of Monica Morgan Photography 

    Moses, Milt of the Community Insurance

    Navarro family with Navarro Discount Pharmacy

    Newman, Lori with Microsoft (homepage)


    Opici family with Opici Wine Distributors

    Orenstein, Robert "BobO", founder, International Wine Accessories

    Orenstein, Robert, on the sale of IWA to Fosters  (homepage)


    Perry, David of Trend Micro  (homepage)

    Persa, Suzanne, founder of DanceWorks (homepage)

    Pigman, Reed, founder,  Texas Jet

    Postlewaite, Ashley of Renegade Animation

    Presant, Jeff & Rick, owners of All Brand Appliance


    Quenemoen, Margaret,  founder, Jagged Edge Mountain Gear


    Rodriguez, Roland of Mir, Fox, Rodriguez, CPAs

    Rodgers, Pamela of Rodgers Chevrolet 
    Rodgers, Pamela in Women Shatter Glass (homepage)


    St. Claire, Debra of EcoNatural

    Sakata, Bob of Sakata Farms

    Schell, Jim with Opportunity Knocks or the OK Groups

    Smilor, Ray, on Employee-Stock Ownership Program

    Smith, Al of Angell & Phelps

    Smith, Raul Reed, founder of PRS Guitars (homepage)

    Synder, Laurie with Flap Happy

    Souto brothers of Rowland Coffee Roasters and Cafe Pilon


    Thode, Freddie of Hot Dogs on a Stick

    Tobin, Bill, the founder of PC Flowers & Gifts


    Valencia, Rick, founder of ProfitLine  (homepage)

    Vossoughi, Sohrab, founder of Ziba Design


    Walls, Gary, founder, Trailblazer Foods

    Williams, Ella of Aegir System  (homepage)

    Womack, Vicki, founder National Association Independent Truckers, Inc.and VCW, Inc.

    Wong, Art of Symantec   (homepage)


    Yancey, Ken, SCORE   (homepage)


    Zubizarreta, Teresa who was founder of Zubi Advertising

    The links will usually take you to the homepage for the episode. A few links go to the actual video.  In the header, click on Video and use the Search to find videos of particular interest.

    These listings are all alphabetical.  And  be assured, this page will always be  under construction.


    AZ Technology with Don Wilkes

    Advertising Arts College with Gary Cantor  (homepage)

    Aegir System with Ella Williams (homepage)

    All Brand Appliance, Jeff & Rick Presant, owners

    AMCI    Anne & Michael McGilvray

    Angell & Phelps    Al Smith,  Chocolate candy manufacturing, shop and restaurant

    Art Store with George Granoff

    Auntie Anne's Pretzels, Anne Beiler, founder


    Ba-Le Bakery,  founder, Tranh Quoc Lam (homepage)

    Baby Think It Over, founder Mary Jurmain (homepage)

    Boardroom, Inc. with Marty Edelston

    Bridgecreek Development with Frank Jao


    Cafe Pilon and Rowland Coffee Roasters with the Souto brothers

    Computer Directions with Wanda Brice

    Community Insurance with Milt Moses

    Cowgirl Enterprises with Donna & Alexis Baase


    DanceWorks, Suzanne Persa (homepage)

    Diversified Chemicals with founders, George Hill and Arnold Joseff


    Ebby Halliday Real Estate with Ebby

    EcoNatural Solutions with Debra St. Claire, founder

    E-poxy with Don Dzekciorius


    Fess Parker Vineyards  with Fess Parker

    Ferrer Brokers, Inc    Leonor Ferrer,  international customs house broker.

    Flap Happy with Laurie Synder

    The French Laundry with Chef Thomas Keller


    Gadabout Spa & Salons with Pam McNair-Wingate

    GC Micro with founder, Belinda Guadarrama

    Goshow Architects with Nancy & Eric Goshow


    Halliday, Ebby Real Estate

    Hot Dogs on a Stick with Freddie Thode


    International Wine Accessories (IWA), Robert "BobO" Orenstein, founder
    IWA (the sale to Fosters), Robert "BobO" Orenstein (homepage)


    Jagged Edge Mountain Gear, Margaret Quenemoen, founder

    Jet-a-away with Darlene Jetter on Women Shatter Glass (homepage)


    Katz Deli with Marc Katz

    Ken Done Galleries with Judy & Ken Done

    The King Company with David Arnold


    Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World with Cheryl Womack (homepage)

    Le Travel Store with Joan & Bill Keller


    Madison Park Greetings with Judi Jacobsen

    Madison Park Greeting Cards with Brian Jacobsen  (homepage)

    Mama Dip's, with founder Mildred Council   (homepage)

    Maple Court Development with Bill Malleris

    McAfee Systems with Robin Matlock  (homepage)

    Meetings America with Kathleen Barnes and Judy Cannon

    Microsoft with Lori Newman (homepage)

    Miles Fiberglass & Composites with Lowell Miles and Lori Luchak

    Mir, Fox, Rodriguez, CPAs

    Mo's Chowder with Cindy McEntee

    Modern Postcard, founder, Steve Hoffman

    Monica Morgan Photography


    National Independent Truckers Association, Inc., founder Vicki Womack (also  VCW, Inc.)

    Navarro Discount Pharmacy with the Navarro family


    Office Pavilion, Vicky Carlson (homepage about data security)
    Office Pavilion, Vicky Carlson (homepage about women who shatter glass)

    Opici Wine Distributors with the Opici family

    Opportunity Knocks or the OK Groups with Jim Schell


    PC Flowers & Gifts, Bill Tobin, Founder

    PRS Guitars, with Paul Reed Smith, founder (homepage)

    ProfitLine with Rick Valencia  (homepage)


    Renegade Animation with Darrell Van Citters and Ashley Postlewaite

    Rodgers Chevrolet with Pamela Rodgers on Women Shatter Glass (homepage)

    Rowland Coffee Roasters, with the Souto brothers


    St. Claire's Organic Mints and EcoNatural  Debra St. Claire, founder

    Sakata Farms with Bob Sakata

    Small Business Administration with the administrator, Hector Barreto

    Solid Gold, Food for Pets, Sissy Harrington-McGill, founder

    SCRUBS with Sue Callaway, founder

    Symantec, Art Wong (homepage)


    T-Bone Films, founder Craig Caryl

    Texas Jet with Reed Pigman

    Time Technology

    Trailblazer Foods, founder Gary Walls

    Trend Micro with David Perry (homepage)


    Urocor with Bill Hagstrom


    VCW, Inc. and National Association Independent Truckers, founder Vicki Womack



    Wahoo's Fish Tacos with Mingo, Ed, and Wing Lee and Steve Karfaridis


    XTO (formerly Cross Timbers) with Bob Simpson and Steve Palko


    Ziba Design with Sohrab Vossoughi

    Zubi Advertising with founder, Teresa Zubizarreta

    Television Specials

    Employee-Stock Ownership Program

    Protect Your Priceless Data

    Small Business Person of the Year with the SBA

    Understanding Your Financials with Jim Schell

    Women who break glass ceilings

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